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So after watching that youtube video over and over again and pulling out the hat around 6 times (or more), I think I finally have the pattern down and I finished the hat!  I still need to decipher the puff stitch border, but I fell like I won the game- Ha!  The bottom band is around 18.5 inches and its around 7.5 in tall, so it falls under the 6 month – 2 year size.  I have tried to contact the site to see if I could publish a translation, but have gotten no response.  UPDATE:  I just got a response and so after I figure out the band and how to put it all down on paper I will be posting the pattern.


medical bills and yarn addiction


2 thoughts on “By George…

  1. Good job on the hat! Which yarn did you use?


    1. Thanks! I used Patons Astra in Peony Pink. It’s a weight 3 yarn. I also used a 4 mm hook.


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